Is your portfolio creating the legacy you want?

Mandorla helps institutional investors achieve the legacy they want and the returns they need through disciplined impact investing.

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You care about your world.

You strive to leave the world better than you found it.
Your values push you to invest in funds and businesses making a positive impact.

You’re also a disciplined investor.

Impact cannot come at the expense of investment disciplines.  Rigerous discipline makes impact sustainable.

Mandorla helps you balance this tension and achieve your goals.

Infusing proven investment disciplines with worldclass social change strategies creates a new, better way to
achieve the legacy you want and the returns you need.

Impact investing isn’t easy.

In meetings you’re peppered by hard questions from skeptical colleagues and board members. You face tough trade-offs between social and financial goals. Someone always has questions and objections.

Tools and support for every stage of investing in private impact investment funds.


  • We start with understanding your values and priorities to create the right investment policy and criteria.
  • Our proprietary database of hundreds of impact funds around the globe accelerates identifying the best funds for you.
  • The team’s global network connects you with the best deals before they’re closed


  • We dig deep on your behalf with rigorous due diligence on the strategy and the manager.
  • We analyze all the numbers thrown at you and ask for the missing ones.
  • Our team summarizes and translates legal docs like offering memos, disclosures, subscription forms, etc.
  • We check references and backgrounds for key fund staff


  • We do the persistent follow-up on your behalf.
  • Mandorla systematic monitors and analyzes financial data to create meaningful and actionable reports
  • We asses both qualitative and quantitative impact reporting.
  • Your portfolio is benchmarked against the relevant metrics so that your results have context.

The Foundation:
A Values Driven, Financially Saavy  Strategy

Your values and financial needs underpin every aspect of our work with you.  If you need to create or revise an investment policy, we’ll work through that with you.  If you have a policy in place, we can help implement it and/or evaluate performance against it.

With the right tools you can have the best of both worlds.

Disciplined Investing

Lasting Impact

‘Both And’ Investing Requires a ‘Both And’ Team



Mandorla takes its name from the ancient, almond shaped symbol representing two opposite worlds merging.  We chose it because our team has lifelong careers in and fierce commitment to disciplined investing and lasting impact.

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