Free Portfolio Review

How can you expand or diversify your impact investing?

If you’re like me, the answer is:  “Well maybe.  What’s in it for me?  How long will it take?  Are you just going to give me a sales pitch?”

Fair questions.  Here’s what’s involved:

First 10 min.

About 10 minutes of good old fashioned chit chat.  If we haven’t met before, it seems a bit rude to jump in the deep end.

Second 15 min.

Roughly 15 minutes understanding your non-financial agenda. For foundations this means getting an understanding of what areas you work in and your current grant activities.  Endowments need to get me up to speed on what type of organization they support and the values lens that the organization has.  Family offices need to describe the family’s background, foundational values, and areas of social interest.

Third 20 min.

Nothing unusual here.  I need a quick overview of what you’re invested in currently.  Other questions include:  where are you feeling a disconnect between your values and your portfolio, are there opportunities you’ve passed on that you wish you hadn’t, do you want to augment your grant making with PRI’s?

Wrap-up (or not)

I’ll give you some candid, first impressions and suggest some possible next steps for you to react to.  If I can, I’ll point you towards some relevant resources.  If it makes sense, we’ll figure out a next step towards determining if I can help you.

I love my job. So if we go over an hour, no sweat.  We’ll finish when we’re done and not before.

You pick the date and time.

You can access my calendar by clicking on the button.  It will take you to my page.  Then you can pick a date and time that’s convenient for you.  Email me at Mark [at] MandorlaGroup [dot] com or call me at (630) 854-8894 if you have any trouble or questions.